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At De Wervingsfabriek, it is essential to be yourself. We believe when you enjoy your work you will be doing a better job too. That’s why we constantly share our challenges with each other so we can find the best solutions as a team. So whether you can’t seem to fill a client’s vacancy, have difficulties getting a hiring manager to go along, or need inspiration for a nice referral campaign; together, we make sure that we achieve the best results.

The WervingsAcademy

Every month all colleagues of De Wervingsfabriek get together to make sure everyone is and stays up to date with the latest developments in the market. The trainings are given by our own employees or external trainers. Examples of trainings are Successful Recruitment, the STAR Interview Method, Strategic Recruitment, Sourcing 2.0, Employer Branding, and Referral Recruitment.

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They provide growth

Roos Dekker

Loves to exercise, hockey and coaching 3 times a week. Hot-yoga and windsurfing during the summer, preferably in Greece. Forever engaged with Sander & mother of 2! Glass half full kind of person.

Guido Dekker

If I’m not working I like to enjoy (Broek in) Waterland, going swimming and playing soccer or visiting my beach house on Texel. Father of 2, bakes loaves of bread and proud owner of an electric cargo bike.

Sanne van Es

Head of People
I love to exercise and am busy running, getting my cardio up. Although this isn’t going all that smoothly, I do occasionally join a Mudrun! I’m also quite the soccer mom with two kids.

Marlies Vernhout

Lead Recruiter
Als ik niet bezig ben met recruiten zeil ik graag en ik heb onlangs hockey in Hilversum weer opgepakt. Verder kook en eet ik graag lekker met familie en vrienden.

Wesley Schreuder

Scale-up Recruiter
Within six months I have become addicted to Padel and took up exercising a lot. I can however also shamelessly lay on the couch to watch a really bad Netflix series with a bag of chips.

Jules Groot Roessink

Scale-up Recruiter
When not at work, I like to hang out with my friends. Playing pool, card games or some chess – preferably in a bar. I also play soccer twice a week although not always successful.

Karolien Verbeek

Scale-up Recruiter
In my spare time, I can be found on the terrace with friends and family! To compensate, I bootcamp three times a week. Every year, my boyfriend Bart and I go on a faraway trip in search of new cultures.

Thao Bui

Scale-up Recruiter
In 2014, I moved from Vietnam to the Netherlands for my studies. I met my partner Marco here and together we have a 2-year-old daughter called Mia. Before Mia, you could always find me in the pub or at parties, but now you will more often see me in the playground…

Manouk Janmaat

Scale-up Recruiter
Together with my boyfriend, I live in Amsterdam, where I like having drinks with friends or going out for dinner. I also like cycling, watch (crime) series and love my ‘dog cousin’ Frenkie.

Annet Prudon

Scale-up Recruiter
Besides my master’s degree in Data Science, my Saturdays are packed with football, as I like to kick a ball myself and train a men’s team. I also like to cook and enjoy the sociability in Utrecht.

Ardian Ramaj

Scale-up Recruiter
You can find me weekly on the soccer field. And regularly, I exchange my goalkeeper gloves for kickboxing gloves. Besides that, I enjoy a Burgundian lifestyle with my girlfriend, preferably somewhere abroad.

Mariette Wijnstra

Scale-up Recruiter
After living in Amsterdam for 7 years, I now live with my boyfriend in sunny Den Bosch. I do ‘vertical turn,’ also known as pole dancing, twice a week. To get to my work, I use my trusty longboard, which I keep by my side at all times. In addition to other delightful trips abroad, I make it a point to visit southern Spain every year.

Sterre Goossens

Talent Sourcer
As a working student, I don’t actually sit still very often. You can find me at uni, in the pool, at the office or somewhere in Amsterdam. I also love to take a break with games, books or a good series.

Fleur Schoutens

Scale-up Recruiter
After completing my Master’s in HRM, I lived in Paris with my boyfriend, and I still visit there regularly. I absolutely love the beach, sun, terraces with friends, and I also enjoy being creatively engaged by making jewelry.

Yaéla van Dinteren

People Consultant
Together with Teun, my French Bulldog, I live in Bussum on the heath. I love a morning walk with a good cup of coffee. Furthermore, I can often be found on the terrace or at festivals with friends.

Cleo Krijgsman

Talent Sourcer
I’m studying International Development Studies in Utrecht, where I’m also a huge fan of the local club: FC Utrecht. You can also find me on the football field as a striker at Rivierwijkers. Next to football I love reading books, and you can invite me for a game of chess on!

Ineke Donk

People Consultant
I am a true globetrotter. My roots are in the beautiful town of Middelburg in Zeeland. I love summer, running, traveling, my friends and my big family, and I dislike rushing and (too) cold winters.

Lorena Vargas Navarro

People Consultant
On weekends, I enjoy spending long hours in the kitchen preparing a full dinner for my friends. My favorite Saturday is one filled with food, drinks, and games! During the week, I compensate by attempting kickboxing and paddling.