Remote work

9 August 2023

2 min

Work happiness and remote work goes hand in hand. I love traveling (LOTS), short weekend trips and longer trips to more distant places. As I write this blog, I’m working from Canada for a month.

How does remote work work?
In good communiation with DWF and the client I’m currently working with, I managed to work fully rem0te for a month. I am dealing with a 6-hour time difference, and made sure I informed everyone (early) about it. I’ve rescheduled my meetings to the afternoon and I have regular contact with my hiring managers and executives. I also schedule candidate conversations later in the day. My work day hasn’t really changed that much – my day just starts a bit later and I finish a bit later than my colleques.

Work happiness
I love traveling (captial LOVE), if I could, full time! The fact that I can now combine work and travel is fantastic. The trust from the business is a real boost. I’d almost say that I’m more productive than when I work from the office. Probably because I know there’s a kind of “reward” waiting for me at the end of my workday. In my case, a hike in nature followed by a refreshing swim in the lakes.

What does your workspace look like?
Not as exciting as you might think haha! During the day, I work from the house where I’m staying until the end of my workday. Bonus point: a beautiful view of several mountains, 2 cats, a husky, German shepherd, and some chickens roaming around. Since it’s summer now, there’s plenty of daylight. Which allows me to enjoy the outdoors after work. On weekends, I go on short road trips and spend time with friends I haven’t seen in far too long.