Wesley at DWF

17 August 2023

2 min

Quick introduction

I’m Wesley, a 32-year-old from Amsterdam with a passion for good food. I’ve been playing soccer in a veteran team and I’m also a big fan of padel. I’m almost always cheerful with a touch of cynicism.


I currently work as an interim scale-up recruiter at bol.com. My task is to recruit campaign managers and data analysts, indirectly ensuring that packages arrive safely and on time. Before joining bol.com, I worked at P1 Travel. There, we had to establish the entire recruitment process and hire 40 new employees in just five months.

Why work at The Recruitment Factory?

“They hired me, haha!” All jokes aside; flexible working hours, which is ideal for me as an early bird. Moreover, I can easily bike to the office with my e-bike. I can execute recruitment projects for various scale-ups. I adapt quickly and get along well with new colleagues and hiring managers (important for a recruiter, right?). Additionally, the colleagues at DWF are really nice.

Less enjoyable aspects of the job?

We still don’t have an air fryer in the office… And our office isn’t located in the most beautiful capital. Oh, and they think I should get my driver’s license…