Finding the right candidates is essential, but asking the right questions during an interview might be even more important to make sure you will hire the most suitable candidate. This is how the WervingsAcademy came to an existing. We provide courses for management teams and recruiters. Organisations, where we coached the MTs, are Veloretti, Emakina, Inergy, Waterland PE en Trunkrs. After the training, we see that people have more (strategic) thoughts about the needed hires versus the vacant positions. Interview skills are taken to a higher level resulting in more sustainable hires.

The WervingsAcademy offers courses that are focussed on sustainable growth and retention within companies. A short selection of courses we gave the past years are;

  • Interview techniques; What does a good interview look like? What to ask and  how long does an interview take?
  • Strategic recruitment; How does a great recruitment plan look like?
  • Employer branding;  Which employer brand is strong and how do you become the employer of choice?
  • Talent sourcing 2.0; How do you attract candidate attention through an active approach?
  • People & culture; How do I create a pleasant organizational culture?


What we do


With RPO we operate as your inhouse recruitment department. Together we define the recruitment needs and KPI’s and we take full responsibility for reaching these goals.

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Interim Recruitment & Sourcing

Whether you need someone to set up the entire recruitment department or you are in need of temporary recruitment capacity; we can help you achieve your hiring goals.

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People & Culture

Growth happens when an organization is capable of recruiting the best people available and then is able to develop and retain them.

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