Interim HR consulting

HR foundation implemented

On- and offboarding, absence policy

Change is the specialist in Customer Experience. They deliver customer experience consulting, operations and innovation. In 1.5 years, this young, dynamic company has grown to almost 200 people. In addition to its headquarters in Rotterdam, Change has offices in Amsterdam and Suriname.


Change needed to professionalize its HR department due to its rapid growth over the past period and growth for the coming years. The question for De Wervingsfabriek: make the HR processes more efficient and effective and establish a solid HR foundation. In other words, get the organization ready for the next phase of growth.

Our commitment

De Wervingsfabriek made an analysis of the current situation and drew up an improvement plan. HR policies and new processes were improved and implemented, and automated where possible. Specifically, this meant professional HR processes in the areas of; on- and offboarding, leave, short and long absences, contract renewals and official warnings. We also translated the new CAO into policy.

We incorporated everything into an employee handbook and provided the necessary training on the subjects above to the managers of Change.

De Wervingsfabriek also had an advisory and supporting role for employees, managers and the board of directors.


The result is that both the organization and the managers have a solid basis for carrying out HR-related tasks effectively and efficiently. There are better processes, and a clear division of responsibilities. As a result, people know exactly where they stand. With the trainings that have been given, the accompanying reference book and the employee handbook, valuable tools have been embedded in the organization. Both current and new colleagues can fall back on these.