Ace & Tate

Lead Recruiter

Building a team (7 FTE)

500+ hires in 9 months

Ace & Tate is a Dutch eyewear company known for designing and selling affordable, stylish prescription glasses and sunglasses. The company is certified B-Corp and is on a mission to grow throughout Europe. Recruitment is managed from the head office in Amsterdam.


Ace & Tate was in need of a replacement for their current lead recruiter. De Wervingsfabriek were tasked with building, managing and professionalizing the recruitment team. Additionally, we had to develop training programs and devise a strategic plan for expansion into new markets.

Our commitment

Initially, we were faced with a workload challenge as we began with only one recruiter and one intern handling over 150 jobs. Anticipating further growth due to new store openings, our lead recruiter led the setting up of a team consisting of 4 recruiters, 1 talent sourcer (from De Wervingsfabriek), and 2 interns. We established focus, trained the new recruiters, and provided training for hiring managers to enhance interview quality. Additionally, we structured reports and embraced data-driven decision-making.

As Ace & Tate transitioned to a B-corp during the assignment, we worked on a new Employer Value Proposition (EVP), revamped the careers page, and initiated projects addressing bias and diversity for a fairer, more transparent, and efficient hiring process.


We laid a solid foundation for recruitment and concluded our assignment by hiring a permanent Head of Recruitment, who assumed leadership of the already thriving team and sustained the ongoing growth.